Monday, 26 December 2011

German Dampfnudel with Vanilla Sauce

Dampfnudel with Vanilla Sauce

Winter is at the door & we are all craving for some warm food .!!!!!!!!!!! This time its a steamed cake served with a quick warm vanilla sauce . The hammer recipe is from



1 Egg
2 EL sugar
1 Pck. vanilla sugar
1 level tbsp cornstarch
500 ml milk

Beat egg with sugar ,vanilla sugar, cornstarch. Finally mix in milk.
Boil once stirring well with a spoon.


500 gm - All purpose flour
20 gm - Dry yeast
50 gm - Sugar
250 ml - Milk
1 - Egg
1 pinch Salt
80 gm - Butter

For Steaming :
100 gm Butter
125 ml Milk

Mix everything to make a dough. Set aside in a warm place for 1 or 2 hour.
Make 9 balls from it.
Heat a pan. Melt butter, pour milk. Add sugar.
Place the balls over it. Close the lid.Lower the heat when the pan is full of steam.
Cook until the no milk in the pan & the bottom side of the ball gets golden brown.

Serve with warm vanilla sauce & cinnamon powder!


  1. I made this recipe (with some minor modifications) and it turned out really well. The dampfnudel did burn a little on the bottom, but I think I could manage to do it better next time. Thanks for posting this recipe.

  2. Nice to hear from you. You are most welcome :)

  3. I live in Australia came to Melbourne 1955 I was 3 years old,was born in Laundau in der pfalz Germany.. where these dumpling hail from... and they are at the Xmas markets in that late father used to make them often it was his favourite treat, and mine :-) when I was in germany 8 years ago my 100 year old Oma... told me she always added a little egg to her Dampfnudel not all do,you have...I have really enjoyed your blog its wonderful... and your little one looks like he really enjoys them :-) you have inspired me to make them again after a long time !! thank you again they look delicious and authentic Dorine.

  4. Hi there Dorine, ur comment made my day :) I am as well in love with these Dumplings. Eats a dozen every X mas season ;) Have fun cooking. Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt.


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